An Autumn update from the Bespoke team

“Buying a ready-made property,” moots Octagon Bespoke Director Laurence Holder, “can be like plumping for an off the peg designer suit; however luxurious and expensive, they do not always have all the bells and whistles required by this astute band of wealthy purchasers.’

Laurence Holder continues, “The increasing elite band of homeowners are seeking the equivalent of a Savile Row experience; one-to-one appointments with a consummate professional who offers creative input, accurate measuring and the finest materials, all tailored exclusively to their needs and delivered on time.”

“These canny customers are not seeking a DIY job as witnessed on many a catastrophic TV programme over the last few years. Quite the opposite, they like using experienced companies with extensive pedigrees to take the strain, knowing full well this is the intelligent route, and are prepared to pay for it.”

So what is it that makes these dream homes so perfect?

Clients of course receive the full attention of Octagon Bespoke’s in-house team of architects, surveyors, engineers and interior designers, ensuring their every whim is catered for. The location is just as important, and the Octagon land buyers have the best contacts to acquire the perfect plot. Many Bespoke customers will only consider a certain postcode or road, and it’s the land buyers’ responsibility to find it. Current Bespoke sites range from the super prime streets of Knightsbridge and St John’s Wood in London, to the rolling acres of the Wentworth and St George’s Hill estates in Surrey.

The interior finishes are just as vital, which is where the expert buyers and interior designers play their part, offering focused choices to suit each client’s needs.

As ever in the top end of the property market, there’s a host of new trends which are trickling down to Bespoke projects.

Laurence remarks, “An ever-vaster cross-section of architectural styles are requested, ranging from the period classics with elegant brickwork and stone dressings through to radical modern creations with soaring glass panels. It appears there is no ‘one direction’ for exterior design, and fortunately our architects can cater for all. Even taking on listed period buildings, they magically renovate them, restoring the exteriors to English Heritage’s exacting standards, whilst making the interior spaces meet new age requirements of energy efficiency, delivering the overall wow factor.”

Leisure pursuits are still top of the wishlist this year. The pool, hot tub, sauna/steam room and gym combination remains as popular as ever, but many are now looking to go one step further. One Bespoke client is looking to install a saltwater wild swimming pool, alongside groundbreaking wellness facilities and adjoining indoor tennis and squash courts.

Relaxed al fresco entertaining is not losing fans either- something which is a favourite of Laurence himself.

Stay tuned later this year as we share the big trends for 2022.

“Take the humble barbeque, however multi-functional, now being nudged by the upstart fully-fledged ‘outback camp kitchen’. Situated in a sheltered area of the grounds, these are a little less rustic than those down-under, often boasting teriyaki grills, pizza ovens, ice makers, wine chillers, double sinks and jet hose taps.”

Laurence Holder