Swimming into Summer

As the weather warms up and BBQs become a more frequent event, thoughts naturally turn to outdoor leisure facilities and how to stay cool.

Swimming pools have always been a popular request from Octagon Bespoke clients, and 2023 is no different – Bespoke Director, Laurence Holder provides an update on the latest trends and must-haves when it comes to the super-luxe market.

“Demand for at-home leisure facilities has never been greater, with our Bespoke clients seeking to push the boundaries to create the ultimate home spa, which naturally features a swimming pool as the focal point.

“A recent request from a client has been for a 50m Olympic swimming pool, installed as an indoor pool in the garden as a purpose-built facility for swimming and training. Consisting of a few lanes for perfecting each stroke, this is an ideal practical fitness option should you have the space. If not, a counter current exercise pool is a great option for a London basement.

“This recent Bespoke instruction also included a zinc plunge pool at one end, mainly for the health benefits associated with the cold water. Inspired by a hotel in The Alps, the client returned from a trip with full knowledge of the impact of cold plunges, including alleviating muscle soreness, reducing swelling, aiding mental health and releasing endorphins – and immediately added this to their leisure must haves.

“The value added from a high-quality swimming pool is significant wherever the home is located, but in London, it commands a particularly high premium. With space generally restrictive in the capital, to have a luxurious swimming pool in your home is the shining jewel in your crown.”

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