Laurence Holder, Director of Octagon Bespoke comments on latest leisure trends

“With over three decades of bespoke experience behind us, it is unlikely there is a leisure request we haven’t encountered and usually conquered.

Octagon Bespoke have been pretty adept in delivering the ultimate dream home to a growing number of their clients, where the large majority flag leisure facilities as top of their wish list.

When we started the Bespoke division, the outdoor heated pool was a must, somewhere for the quick dip and poolside entertaining. Then the health and fitness movement kicked in, and people took their swimming more seriously.  This triggered the need for properly sized indoor pools, somewhere the owners could go 365 days a year, as part of their exercise regimen.

Many of our indoor pools have large full width fold back doors leading onto the outdoor terrace, so on sunny, warm days, families can spread out into their fabulous gardens. Jacuzzis often sit at the window end too, so clients can wallow away, even in the depths of winter, whilst inspecting snowy lawns and frost tipped shrubs behind their fully insulated glass wall.

Along with indoor pools came the demand for a fully equipped gym, often located alongside the pool, so convenient for the post work-out plunge. Mindfulness and well-being trends followed, triggering desires for steam and sauna rooms, plus a ‘studio’ with specially sprung floor for yoga and Pilates.

Certain super mansions have also incorporated hair, beauty and therapy salons, and one even had an outdoor running track that circumnavigated the perimeter of the 2-acre garden.

The leisure suite is no longer a whim, something rarely used or way to show off to neighbours and friends, it is now an integral component to enhance and improve daily life. Therefore, we are constantly researching and discovering new additions, much to the delight of our Octagon Bespoke clientele.”