An Interview with Laurence Holder, Director & Head of Bespoke

Recently appointed Head of Bespoke, Laurence reflects over his career to date, 21 years of which have been at Octagon Developments.

“On the first working day of the millennium January 2000 I joined Octagon as a Development Manager, helping to expand the North London operation. I was promoted to Land Director in 2008, and then from 2015 I gradually increased my involvement in the newly set up Bespoke division, working closely with Octagon’s former Build Director John Pope.

“During John’s last full year with the company in 2020 I was invited to join the Octagon Board and then in April this year, officially became the new Head of Bespoke, a position I intend to cherish for many a year to come.”

The growth in Bespoke has been unprecedented during the last four years, with the number of live projects multiplying month on month. Currently overseeing 17 builds ranging from medium to large sized detached homes and mansions, to an elaborate extension of an existing Octagon home via Grade II listed restorations and – a recent addition – two apartment blocks for another returning Octagon client, Laurence is applauding CEO Tim Banks’ decision to expand the company’s project management team this year.

He continues, “Today the Octagon name and track record puts us in the frontline with individuals and property investors looking for a trustworthy partner to deliver their dream home, or is now the case, multiple homes. I believe our Bespoke service is now one of the best in the UK, and it is no surprise the majority of our new projects are as a result of a recommendation by a Bespoke customer or indeed via one of our suppliers or consultants. This doesn’t mean we think it can’t get any better – just like the other sectors in the Octagon Group, we continually assess and upgrade, that’s the only way to maintain this position.”


“One of the benefits of my job is meeting the client for the first time, understanding what they want, and then building a rapport, as communication is a key ingredient for a successful Bespoke project. Of course we encounter challenges along the way, but our professional team’s experience and transparency helps to reassure any client they have chosen the right company, and by the time of completion, we have usually made a lifelong friend. So much so that many a Bespoke client has returned to invite us to deliver a second or even third dream home for another family member.”